‘Buhari, Stop Spilling Blood’

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*** Ohaneze demands inquiry into killing of 20 IPOB members

Victims of Southern Kaduna massacre

Following the killing of 20 Igbo youths celebrating President Donald Trump’s inauguration in Port Harcourt by Nigeria’s security agents, former Governor of Anambra State, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has asked ailing President Mohammadu Buhari to stop championing the killing of Igbo youths.
He said Nigeria is replete with killings of innocent people.
In the same vein, Pan Igbo socio-political organisation, Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, is demanding an inquiry into the killing and incarceration of harmless Igbo youths.
”Buhari came and started marginalising the Igbo, even removing those who held sway in different positions of authority. He is also championing the killings of harmless Igbo youths at every slightest provocation.
“The Federal Government is pushing the Igbo out of Nigeria by killing Igbo youths for no just cause.
“Buhari should know that there is too much blood flowing all over Nigeria. If the injustice and marginalization of the South-East persist, then Biafra as a physical entity becomes a reality”, he said.
A statement issued by Ohaneze said it would not fold its hands and watch the killing of young , innocent Igbo men.
“Given the serious national security implications of this development, Ohanaeze would like the Federal Government to appoint an independent judicial inquiry into the killing of IPOB and MASSOB members in Port Harcourt.
“We have just witnessed wanton massacres of Nigerians in Benue and Southern Kaduna without a single arrest or prosecution. Last year, several farmers were killed in Nimbo, Enugu State by herdsmen without any of those arrested prosecuted.


“After a Judicial Inquiry and findings on massacre of followers of Ibrahim El- Zakzaky in Kaduna State, no arrest or prosecution has been made. Where is consistency in the enforcement of the law? Does anyone truly expect Ndigbo to fold our arms and watch our children massacred and incarcerated with such impunity?
“A dangerous trend is emerging in our country. There are gathering storms of conflict. A stitch in time saves nine. Government must do the needful and set up an inquiry before overzealous law enforcement agents plunge the country into chaos,” President-General of Ohaneze, Chief John Nwodo, said.
Ohaneze sought answers to the following posers: “Was the IPOB demonstration an unlawful assembly? Did IPOB require a police permit to demonstrate? Was IPOB violent in any manner that threatened public peace and order?
Does possession of Biafran flags and coat of arms per se constitute conspiracy to commit treasonable felony?”


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