West African leaders Issue 24-Hour Ultimatum to Jammeh: Leave or Be Arrested, to Choose His Country of Exile

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West African leaders issued former President Yahya Jammeh a 24-hour ultimatum to leave Gambia or be arrested . This is coming as a delegation including the presidents of Liberia, Mauritania and Guinea – are due to arrive in Gambia on Friday as part of a mediation mission, Gambian state television announced late on Thursday.
Countries in the region launched a military operation on Thursday to install new President Adama Barrow in office and oust longtime leader Yahya Jammeh. But the advance was halted to allow for one last round of mediation, a senior regional official earlier said.

Jammeh receiving ECOWAS mediation team led by President Buhari

West African nations halted a military operation in Gambia on Thursday to give a final chance to mediation efforts, but will resume at noon on Friday if Yahya Jammeh still refuses to hand over power to the new president, a regional official said.
Speaking to reporters, Marcel de Souza, head of the ECOWAS commission, said it was out of the question that Jammeh be allowed to remain in Gambia. But if mediation succeeds he can choose his country of exile, de Souza said, adding that regional countries were open to possible amnesty as part of a deal.

Morocco, Mauritania and Nigeria have given Jammeh offer of asylum.


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  1. Spaceebou Jarju January 20, 2017 at 1:18 am - Reply

    Here is a proverb explaining why some corrupt politicians usually don’t go behind bars. A mosquito that sucks blood from the testicles receives the softiest slap “

  2. Nyancho Wally January 21, 2017 at 8:26 am - Reply

    It is disrespectful to let him go after all they have done till now. How many resources ECOWAS spend to just let jammeh leave like that. No. He should be arrested because he is a rebel with a armed robbery gang. He will empty the central bank and trying to leave that can’t happen. Jammeh is a big treat to the sub-region and should not be allowed to leave like that.

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