Nigeria: 28 Killed in Separate Terrorist Attacks in Yobe, Borno

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Eight people died in three separate attacks in Maiduguri, Northeast Nigeria, Sunday night, Borno State Police Command said Monday. The Police said five suicide bombers, a member of the Civillian JTF and two others died in separate suicide attacks launched by a regrouping terrorist organisation, Boko Haram, Sunday night.

The attack followed a bloody confrontations that led to the death of 5 soldiers and 15 terrorists in neighbouring Yobe State on Saturday.
Sunday night’s blasts occurred more than 10 kilometers (6 miles) apart on the city’s eastern outskirts, deputy superintendent, Victor Isuku, said.
Three men strapped into explosive vests and firing assault rifles approached a military checkpoint at about 8:20 p.m., he said. One exploded, killing all three and a civilian self-defense fighter. Two hours later, two female bombers blew up, killing themselves and two unidentified people, AFP reports said.

Military sources also confirmed to Reuters that 5 soldiers died in the surprise attack launched by the terrorists.
A spokesman for the Buni Yadi base, Lieutenant George Okupe, said: “There was indeed an attack in Buni Yadi by terrorists which was repelled.
“I cannot confirm any casualty for now. All I can say is that some soldiers are missing in action.”

The terrorists seem to be reacting every time to tactically flawed claims by government that the group is defeated

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