Niger Delta Militants Bomb Oil Pipeline in Delta, Accuse Oil Companies, Military of Aggression

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…Say ‘operation crocodile smile was sunk by our operation crocodile tears’

Niger Delta militants Thursday bombed an oil delivery line belonging to the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) located in Unenurhie-Evwreni, Ugheli South/North in Delta State.
Militant group, Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate, in a statement, claimed responsibility for the action. It said oil companies and their Nigerian military allies had forcefully taken “our natural environment”.
“As a mark of our commitment to a just course and to prove to the wicked and ungrateful multinational oil companies and their Nigerian military allies, who have been forcefully taking our natural endowment, without any visible returns, that we own our lands, the Opudo Strike Team of the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate, at about 0100hour today 29th sept 2016, bombed the Unenurhie-Evwreni delivery line in ughelli south/north respectively operated by NPDC.

oil-rivers“We want to assure the oil multinational companies that we are determined to end their operations in our lands and this we shall if they fail to show the will to change their relationship with our people and their operational attitude in our lands. For the avoidance of doubts, we want to say here, categorically, that no amount of military protection/presence can stop this whirlpool, no amount of shoddily arranged military operation can quell the will of our gallant army. The same way their Operation Crocodile Smile was sunken by our Operation Crocodile Tears, is how all their schemes against our land and people will continue to be defeated.

“Like we have said, this will only stop when you turn a new leaf, adopt a sincere attitude, give back to our people what naturally should be theirs, advise the government rightly, stop thinking there’s an army to protect you from justice, do these and all that you know are good. If you do these, be assured to have a good relationship with our people and real protection for your personnel and assets across our lands”, the group said.

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