NUBASS Convention: Bauchi Gov Disqualified Me over Links with Speaker Dogara, Senator Wakili

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From Yahaya Audu in Bauchi

One of the aspirants to the post of President of National Association of Bauchi  State Student Union (NUBASS) Comrade Nasiru Nuhu Cigari, has ‎condemned Governor Mohammed Abubakar of Bauch State over his interference in the Bauchi Student union’s convention.
Comrade Cigari alleged that Bauchi State Governor through his Special Assistant, Student’ Matters, Comrade Mohammed Abubakar Jibo, chased him and his teaming supporters out of the venue of NUBASS  convention after omitting their names from the list of candidates.
Speaking to newsmen at the weekend, Cigari said that that there was no election because the process of conducting NUBASS election was not followed.
He said that “the governor directed his SA Students’ matters to tell me that I will be disqualified from the race because of my close relations with Senator Ali Wakili and Speaker House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara” .
“My name and other candidates’ names were omitted from the list on the day of the convention and they shifted the date of the election backward. We are not happy with the interference of the Governor on student issues”,he said.

Bauchi Gov

Bauchi Gov

He said, ” according to NUBASS Constitution Article A, Section 1, Sub-section A.B.C says the union is an independent body and shall not be governed by any body or group of persons and any decision made which is contrary to the provision of this constitution is null and void”.
He explained that instead of the executives adhering to the provision of the constitution they were taking instruction from the governor which is a great violation of their fundamental tights.
“We are due to hold the election on 17th of this month but they gave us short notice on 7 October that the convention will be holding on 8 of October on reaching there my name was not on the list of contestants. The SA mobilised his boys and heavy security to chase us out of the venue of the election. There was no election as far as we are concerned”, he said.
Cigari said there was no election and he would seek redress in a competent court of law.

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